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United States of America vs. Andrew Edward Flyer

No. 08-10580
C.C.No. 4:05-CR-01049-FRZ-GEE
After an undercover investigation by law enforcement using the LimeWire file sharing application, Flyer was indicted on four counts of knowingly transporting and possessing child pornography. Loehrs was hired to conduct an independent computer forensics examination of the evidence seized. During the forensic analysis, it was discovered that the evidence had been significantly accessed after it was seized and much of the child pornography that Flyer was charged with resided in unallocated space indicating the files had been deleted. At trial, Flyer was convicted on all counts by a jury. The case went to the Court of Appeals where they reversed the convictions on counts one, two and three.


Download the PDF: Flyer Court of Appeals Opinion


Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Michael Fiola

A Department of Industrial Accidents employee, Michael Fiola, was issued a DIA laptop computer equipped with wireless access. When the company noticed activity on the wireless bill greater than normal, the laptop was reviewed by the IT department where images of child pornography were found. Fiola was alleged to be responsible for the files, terminated from his employment and criminally charged. Loehrs was hired to conduct an independent computer forensics examination of Fiola’s laptop computer. The forensic analysis revealed the laptop was incorrectly setup by the DIA IT department prior to giving the computer to Fiola, leaving the computer unprotected for months. An infestation of viruses and Trojans that began prior to Fiola receiving the laptop computer were ultimately determined to be responsible for the pornographic activity. The State reviewed Loehrs’ report and could not refute the findings. The case was dismissed.


Download the PDF: Tarnished Reputation: Boston Herald.Com