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What They Say

We are deeply grateful to Tami for agreeing to come here and testify in our case for just her expenses. Her testimony made a significant difference because we just got the jury verdict a few hours ago: aquittal on all counts!!


Samuel Mok, O’Connor, Berman, Dotts & Banes (Saipan, MP)

Tami, along with her terrific team, bring a bundle of expertise, in defending a child pornography case. Tami’s keen instincts and razor sharp forensic mind can completely destroy the State’s forensic case and assumptions. Last year, Tami rescued my client who had been falsely accused of knowingly possessing 30+ images of child pornography on his computers and hard drives. Tami’s arrival “on the scene” felt like Mary Poppins magically appearing from the sky, immediately changing the trajectory of the case. With her cheerful disposition, yet brilliant ability to forensically reconstruct what transpired, Tami was able to convince the trial court that the only person who ever viewed or copied the illegal images, was my client’s ex-wife, who amidst a nasty custody and property dispute, endeavored to ruin my client’s life. But for Tami and her supporting crew at Loehrs and Associates, my client would be imprisoned and a convicted sex offender. Although my practice is on the east coast, I have used Loehrs and Associates on three separate occasions. The investment has always proven to be supremely beneficial every time.


Thomas A. Foley, Attorney At Law (Wilmington, DE)

My firm hired Loehrs & Associates to work on a major criminal case involving multiple defendants, thousands of pages of police reports, over ten thousand photos, hundreds of hours of video, and dozens of cell phones and computer hard drives. Tami and Michele evaluated the facts of this complex case efficiently, and worked with my firm to identify important cell phone and computer forensics issues in support of my client’s defense strategy. They conducted forensic analyses on cell phones and computer hard drives held by the police as evidence and prepared detailed expert-witness reports for trial that were exceptional in their content and presentation. The employees at Loehrs & Associates have been consistently responsive to our questions and requests, and were an invaluable part of my client’s defense team. I will continue to use their services for all of my cases and highly recommend them to colleagues whenever I can.


Scott A. Ewing, Law Office of Scott A. Ewing, PLC (Tucson, AZ)