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Computer forensic consultation, forensic evidence acquisition, forensic analysis, report preparation, expert computer forensic testimony, & data recovery from Loehrs & Associates.
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What We Do


We work with individuals, litigators and corporations worldwide. The first step in our process is to determine how our computer forensic expertise is of most use to your case. Timing, electronic media available, objectives and of course, type of case, governs the rest of the forensic examination process and even what forensic methodology is best for your case. For instance, you may need forensic expert testimony, which means that our owner and principal, Tami Loehrs, will likely be working with you. (She’s testified in over 90 cases in US state and federal courts, and internationally.) Computer forensic evidence examination, digital evidence acquisition, expert testimony, or a combination of technological and analytical services may be part of our engagement with you.


In computer forensics, digital evidence acquisition is ultimately about preserving data integrity. As soon as electronic data becomes possible evidence in a legal matter, data preservation is the first priority. To make that “bit for bit” forensic image, it’s not just about what’s on a hard drive. Computers, all mobile devices (phones and tablets), gaming consoles, GPS devices, email and social media accounts, internet usage, thumb drives, CDs and security systems, all electronic media become viable sources of digital evidence. We either conduct a forensic examination in our laboratory, where it is acquired and stored in our evidence safe, or a forensic examiner travels to the evidence site. We can even acquire the data in a live-state to avoid business operations disruption.


At this stage in the process, we’re using computer forensic industry standard methodologies, procedures and industry tested and approved tools to investigate what occurred, when it occurred, how it occurred and who may have been responsible. We’re not only conducting a forensic examination of easily accessible data, but also data often considered difficult to access or inaccessible, like compressed, encrypted, hidden or deleted data. The forensic analysis outcome accurately portrays what actually occurred on a prospective piece of digital evidence and who may have perpetrated the incident.


Even if you’re not using Loehrs & Associates for expert testimony, you may need a comprehensive computer forensic report. It can be one of the most important outcomes of the forensic analysis, because a well-written, understandable analysis has great value in a legal case. Our forensic reports include details about the legal issue(s), analyzed digital evidence, how and why it was analyzed, as well as our expert opinion on the analysis findings. These computer forensic reports have made the defining difference in legal cases: favorable plea negotiations (or convictions), settlements and dismissals on numerous cases. That translates into saved time, expense and potential negative trial outcomes for our clients.


When your case goes to court, whether for a hearing or a trial, expert computer forensics testimony is often essential. The court relies upon forensic experts for technical facts about the electronic evidence as well as our opinions about the what, when, how and who happenings related to the case. Tami Loehrs, our founder and owner, provides expert computer forensic testimony and has for over a decade. She’s testified in over 90 occasions in both criminal and civil matters, here in the US and internationally. In fact, a number of the client testimonials you see on our website relate to the crucial difference her testimony has made.


The awful moment when you think all data is lost forever? Our computer forensic examiners do a deep-dive into areas even seasoned IT professionals can’t mine. No electronic media – whether a computer, camera, mobile device or any of those listed above – is a black hole to us. We’re experienced in forensics methodologies, and legalities, so whether it’s a personal or a legal matter, your digital data holds up. If it’s a legal matter and you think evidence may exist on your electronic media, but you’ve been told it’s “not recoverable,” call Loehrs & Associates to discuss your data recovery options.