Forensic Analysis, Computer Forensic Cases
computer forensics, forensic analysis, expert forensic testimony
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What We’ve Done

Cyberbullying, Acquittal

United States vs. Lori Drew

CR-08 582-GW-001
Lori Drew was alleged to have conspired with others to obtain a fictitious MySpace account for the purpose of cyberbullying a juvenile, Megan Meier, who committed suicide. Loehrs was hired by counsel for Drew to conduct a forensic examination of both the Drew and Meier computers. The forensic evidence revealed a very different story than that which was told by the government, much of which was never brought to light at the trial. A jury convicted Drew of lesser misdemeanor charges but the Judge overturned the jury’s ruling and acquitted Drew of all charges.

Download the PDF: Judge Acquits Lori Drew in Cyberbullying Case, Overrules Jury


Intellectual Property Violation, Sustained

James A. Green vs. Lisa Frank, Inc.

No. 2 CA-CV 2008-0028
This case concerns the control and management of the LFI Corporation by James Green and Lisa Frank who both served on the Board. The trial court entered a stipulated order which temporarily enjoined Green from removing any intellectual property or other assets from LFI and to turn over a number of computers belonging to the corporation. Loehrs was hired by LFI to assist with forensically preserving and analyzing the electronic property turned over by Green. The forensic analysis revealed that Green violated the court’s Order by copying intellectual property secrets and destroying electronic data.

Download the PDF: LFI v Green Court of Appeals Opinion