About Loehrs & Associates Computer Forensics
We are a computer forensics company. We find digital evidence on any electronic media that contains electronic data, in our Tucson, AZ lab or worldwide.
computer forensics, forensic professional, digital evidence, forensic analysis
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Who We Are

About Loehrs & Associates

We are a computer forensics company, that’s all we do. But don’t let “computer forensics” give you the idea that we only examine computers. We find digital evidence on any electronic media, anything that contains electronic data. That means mobile devices (phones and tablets), gaming systems and consoles, and security systems, to name just a few data sources.



Our clients are individuals (we’ve worked with hundreds), corporations, private attorneys, public defender offices and private investigators throughout the world. Our forensic examinations, forensic analysis and expert forensic testimony have made the defining legal difference for our civil and criminal clients, including settlements, plea bargains, not guilty verdicts and dismissals.


Tami Loehrs is the founder of Loehrs & Associates (formerly Law2000, Inc.), a forensic professional with over three decades of experience of legal and technology experience. She’s also the driving force behind our reputation for exceptional computer forensics services. In 1999, she firmly established our roots in Tucson, Arizona, and since then, we’ve steadily expanded thanks to satisfied clients across the U.S. and internationally.


We are a cohesive team of forensic professionals who work, play and volunteer together. As a team, we are passionate about our community and strive to give back in any way we can. Whether it’s offering pro bono work to those in need, speaking to students about the forensics industry, buying shoes for the Pima College track team, purchasing shoe tags in memory of Lezo Urreiztieta, planting trees for Earth day, participating in benefits for Tu Nidito and other local charities, Loehrs & Associates wants to make a difference. One of our greatest loves is our involvement with animal rescue. To date, our team has rescued ten dogs, including our office dog, Boris.


Tami Loehrs

Forensics Expert
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Michele Bush

Forensics Expert
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Sara McDermott

Forensics Examiner
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