Jen Snodgrass | Forensics Administrator
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Jen Snodgrass

Jen Snodgrass has been with the Loehrs & Associates team since April 2014, when she took a part-time job while finishing her degree at the University of Arizona. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies and a minor in Business Administration, she moved into a full-time position as Forensic Investigator. Snodgrass orchestrates all of the major components of a forensics case, and if you have ever called Loehrs & Associates, she has probably helped you. From summarizing discovery documents to setting up forensic examinations all over the world, she is the “motherboard” to our computer unit.


Having a high interest in criminal justice, Snodgrass worked as an intern for the Pima County Attorney’s Office Community Justice Board. There she made contributions by working with Tucson’s youth and took an active role in helping to reduce juvenile crime. She is in training on the methodologies, procedures and tools of computer forensics and recently earned her AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) certification. Snodgrass is also a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Arizona.


In her spare time, Snodgrass visits family at “Camp Nan” for quality time with loved ones including her dog Bane. She spends many nights winding down with Bane by her side rereading favorite books or watching her favorite episodes of Friends. Snodgrass is a passionate alumni of the University of Arizona and never misses out on tailgate fun or football games.

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