Michele Bush CCE, CMFE, EnCE | Forensics Expert
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Michele Bush

As the daughter of the owner of Loehrs & Associates, Michele Bush, forensics examiner, has grown up entrenched in the world of computer forensics and has been involved in many aspects of the company since its founding. Since 2012, she’s been conducting forensic examinations at state and federal facilities nationwide, building on her previous experience of in-house computer forensics examinations including evidence acquisition, forensic analysis and report preparation. Bush is knowledgeable of industry standard forensic methodologies, procedures and tools, and proficient in the use of forensic tools from Guidance Software, Access Data, Cellebrite, Blacklight, Paraben and numerous others.


In addition to many hours of computer forensic training and field experience, Bush is a member of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners and holds industry-recognized certifications including Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (CCFE), Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner (CMFE), EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Access Data Certified Examiner (ACE), and is a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Arizona. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a thematic minor emphasizing Criminal Justice from the University of Arizona.


Bush begins her days with early morning workouts at a local personal training gym. Before car-pooling to the office with Boris, she enjoys relaxing over coffee amongst friends. Bush takes advantage of the beautiful Arizona weather on the weekends with scenic hikes and long pool days, but her favorite pastime is attending baseball games.